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All life is precious in God's sight. True North To Freedom will serve the survivors of sex trades, 
sexual exploitation, labor and associated human trafficking.
TNTF has been called to be a voice for those who do not have a voice of their own. Our organization provides support to local survivors of human trafficking, whether that be sex trafficking, labor trafficking or sexual exploitation. Along with case management, art therapy and service referrals, we offer seminars and awareness training for local and regional law enforcement, churches, schools, hospitals and civic organizations; teaching others to be able to recognize and help direct victims of human trafficking who need or are seeking aid and assistance.

TNTF exists to love those that Christ loves, freely and compassionately.

A little more info about our organization:

What do we do?
We provide survivor services; by connecting them to needed resources, encouraging healthy relationships, providing financial planning and transportation for appointments with TNTF and other agencies. We also offer gift cards and bus passes, help set goals, and coach survivors on stress and relaxation techniques, case management, and spiritual enrichment.

How can you help?  
Spread the WordInvite our organization to give a presentation about human trafficking awareness to your church, workplace, or business. Stopping this tragedy begins with knowing the signs and understanding that trafficking happens everywhere.  

A Permanent Location With a permanent location such as an apartment complex, TNTF could house survivors, host community meals, provide laundry facilities, and teach life skills. In addition, there would be an opportunity to have support groups or participate in Art Therapy. With a permanent location, we could have paid staff, a Social Worker, a therapist, an Education Specialist, a Dietitian, a Case Manager, and security. In addition, our hours of availability would increase. Today, we are only available for four to five hours one day of the week to meet with survivors. With your help in meeting our Building Empowered Survivors Campaign, we can be open five days a week instead of one. Not only would we have a permanent location, but we could save on the transportation cost for survivors and have a place to store other types of donations.  

Transportation: Survivors have limited resources, and transportation significantly impacts their ability to thrive as they recover and become self-sufficient. A central part of our program is providing transportation for survivors to our services at True North to Freedom, doctor appointments, school, work, training, and the grocery store. We average transportation costs of $500.00 monthly.  

Gift Cards and Donations: As the only service provider to trafficking survivors in Macomb County, TNTF runs on the generosity of its donors. We rely primarily on donations to help support survivors. We offer survivors gift cards to Kroger or Meijer in increments of $25 or less and gift cards to Dollar Tree or Family Dollar in increments of $10. The gift cards help to cover their basic needs since our program encourages accountability. Are you able to donate gift cards?

Current Programs for Practical Directed Support

Building Empowered Survivors Campaign: Our annual goal for 2023 is $350,000.00
Please consider helping us meet our goal and support human trafficking survivors in our community who are right in our backyard.

Survivors Moving Forward Campaign: Our annual goal for 2023 is $7,500.00
Transportation gives survivors the independence and support they need to move forward in their recovery and journey to transforming their lives.

Building Fund
All funds donated will go to purchase, rent and/or remodel a location in order to better serve survivors.

Pray for the tragedy of human trafficking to end and for all those enslaved to be free.

Your tax-deductible donations are welcome gifts as a single gift, monthly, annually, or on any schedule you prefer, in the form of cash in any amount, or gift cards in the denominations mentioned above. Your donations can be made at on this website by selecting Support TNTF from the menu in the left column or mailed to:
True North to Freedom - P.O. Box 725 - Sterling Heights, MI 48311

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