Rescue the Innocent

Restore Hope

Renew Life

Our Mission
To create awareness of human trafficking and move survivors toward true freedom.

Our Vision
Our vision is to advocate for survivors and help restore healthy relationships, habits and mindsets.
Our goal is to walk alongside survivors, assisting them as they move toward recovery and provide spiritual, emotional, and some financial support.
Our belief is that every survivor is beautiful, valuable and worthy, created in the image of God and deeply loved by Him.

A quick look at what's new

Our Executive Director was recently featured on Adam Revival's podcast.
Check out the podcast, in 2 parts, below.
For more information, visit our News & Events page.

What we do

We help survivors through a number of services.
Each service intends to increase life skills and  assist them in moving forward towards full recovery and healthy integration into society.

personalized case management

No two people are alike, and neither should their care to recovery be. Every survivor will receive one-on-one personalized time to discuss their care and healing options.  The freedom of choice and personality will determine their road to recovery. Just a few of the ways we support survivors include healthy relationships, goal setting, financial planning, stress and relaxation techniques, expressive arts and spiritual enrichment.

referrals to other connections

TNTF is in connection and partners with many organizations that help to provide the care and resources required to heal, thrive and integrate into society. We connect them with the resources they need and support them through the process.

community time

We offer clients the opportunity to connect with other survivors during a once-a-month community meal, training sessions or hands-on life skills courses.

food pantry

We offer both non-perishable and perishable foods, as well as household items, and gift cards to purchase these items with accountability. 

clothes pantry

Clients may select items from our clothes panty, which offers a seasonal selection.


We help clients with transportation to appointments with TNTF and other agencies through bus passes, Uber and Lyft. rides

How can you help?


We are looking for individuals who have a desire to support survivors on their road to recovery.  We have in-person and remote volunteers available. 


We welcome your financial support in order to help change the lives of survivors all across the region.
See our support page for more information.


Invite our organization to give a presentation about human trafficking awareness to your church, workplace, or business. Stopping this tragedy begins with knowing the signs and understanding that trafficking happens everywhere.  

Follow us on Social Media for local information:


Pray for the tragedy of human trafficking to end and for all those enslaved to be free.

2024 impact... so far

With new connections, additional volunteers and growing community support, our impact to date in 2024 has expanded to include new ways to support survivors.
We are grateful for the new and continued ways we have been able to support survivors, and look forward to continuously expanding the impact our organization has.

We continue to believe that our vision for a permanent location, a "village," similar to an apartment complex, is in the future for True North to Freedom. This type of facility could house survivors, host community meals more frequently, provide laundry facilities, and teach life skills on a daily basis. On site support groups and participation in Art Therapy would be available frequently and everything would be run by paid staff.  These additional resources would greatly benefit the survivors of this region

As of May 2024, our impact is as follows:

2023 impact

Thank you for your faithful support of this ministry to human trafficking survivors here in southeastern Michigan by giving to True North To Freedom.
We are seeing progress and breakthroughs being made on a weekly basis as we meet with clients that have reached out to work hard to build a better life for themselves and their families.
In 2023, we were able to make continue to grow the services and support we offer to the survivors as follows:

Thank you to our Partners in Ministry

 We would like to recognize and give thanks to other organizations that have partnered with us and been faithful supporters of TNTF.

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